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Music Alarms is a small mobile development company that creates apps for Google Play.Our mission is make your mornings joyful! We create morning alarm clock apps connected to your favourite music player - Spotify and Poweramp, so you can wake up to the different music every day.

MorningsPoweramp Alarm

Application icon for Mornings - Alarm for Spotify

Mornings - Alarm for Spotify

Wake up to your favourite Spotify playlist, album or artist with Mornings - a music alarm clock for Spotify. Set a quick nap or a night sleep times by just one click, get a notification when to go sleep in the evening so you are fresh the next day or track your sleep with the build in statistics.

Unique features

  • Unique Alarm Design - Design that matches the original Spotify app.
  • Quick Options - Set the alarm time quickly by tapping on Nap Time or Night sleep time buttons.
  • Sleep Reminder- A notification that will tell you when to go to bed.
  • Ramp Up Volume - Decide if you want to wake up gently or
  • Alarm statistics, preventing to ring in silent mode...

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Icon of Poweramp Alarm app

Poweramp Alarm

Wake up to your favourite music with Poweramp Alarm - music alarm clock app connected to Poweramp. Continue listening your favourite music throughout the morning and enjoy a start of a new day :)

Unique features

  • Unlimited morning alarms
  • Quick Alarms - By tapping on Night Sleep or Quick Nap buttons, so you no longer have to calculate how much time you want to sleep.
  • Go to bed reminder - Go to bed reminder will remind you when it's time to sleep to enjoy a full night sleep.
  • Sleep statistics - See basic alarm statistics. Many more to come soon!
  • ... and many other options! - Set alarm vibrations, ringing in silentd mode and many more advanced alarm options.

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