6 Best Bedside Alarm Clock Devices

This post was last updated on September 7th, 2018.

While most people nowadays use alarm clock that comes with their mobile phones, there are still people who simply love having a separate device that will wake them up in the morning. Not everybody likes lying next to their phones during the night or they simply don’t want to risk having their phone discharge during the night and it won’t wake them up.

So, why relying on your phone when you can get much more from a separate bedside alarm clock? Such a device will surely produce more noise in the morning that will wake you up. In current times alarm clock doesn’t mean a simple machine that blares noise. Modern era alarm clocks can even charge your phone or stream music from your smartphone and others make use of lights and other tactics to wake the deepest sleepers. 

Things to look out for while seeking an amazing alarm clock

  1. Know yourself first, then chose a proper alarm – do you know what’s your preferred way of waking up? Do you need a proper shock in the morning that will get you out of the bed or you are more into gentle tones that wake you up like a calm breeze after a quick summer nap?
  2. Usability first, all other comes next – it’s not healthy to sleep in a room full of bright light emitted by an inappropriate alarm clock. It’s also important to pick an alarm clock that’s easy to set up, to turn off in the morning or to snooze when you feel like to. 
  3. Focus on the design, just not completely – some alarm clocks look really fancy but don’t provide the proper user experience. Don’t be mislead by the fancy look. If you need are looking for an amazingly looking alarm clocks with all the important functionality, check out our guide specifically crafted for this purpose.
  4. Brand – the situation with alarm clocks is quite similar to one with wrist watch – there are certain brands that are in the business sometimes even centuries, on the other hand, the wake of the internet many new brands try to penetrate the market. In the end, it’s all about what you prefer – is it classy old fashioned but respectable brands or new, experimental devices that can revolutionize your mornings but are not as well tested and understood as the classic ones?
  5. Make sure it’s battery powered – You don’t want to be late to work just because your alarm didn’t go off in the morning because during the night electricity was cut for a second and your morning alarm was reset. This things rarely happen in the West these days, but if they do and you are not ready, it can totally ruin your morning and maybe even the whole day. Why take the chance?

Interested in know more tips on how to chose an alarm clock? Make sure to read and visit our article on how to pick an alarm clock.

5 alarms you actually want to wake up to


NameImageAvailable at
Norm Tumbler alarm clockScandinavian Design Center
Twemco Retro Flip Clock Al30Amazon
iHome iBT29BCAmazon
Braun Classic Analog Alarm ClockAmazon
Marathon Alarm ClockAmazon
MoMA Alarm ClockAmazon

Alarm details

1. Tumbler from Menu


old alarm clock


Beautiful and minimalistic alarm clock.

The Tumbler has a painted stainless steel and metal body with a glass-secured confront. It has a robust but in the same time a very light frame, which resembles an Inclining Tower of Pisa-like structure. It likewise tends to turn, and like the QLOCKTWO TOUCH clock you can likewise play with, it’s not something you’d need to knock off your bedside table. (It’s not something you’d need to drop on your foot either — ouch!). No numbers on the face in addition to the inclining configuration make it only somewhat harder to tell the time — particularly during the night. To kill the caution, you really need to flip the clock (delicately) all over, yet just in the event that it really awakens you. That is the genuine downside to the Tumbler.

Check price of Tumbler on scandinaviandesigncenter.com


2. Twemco Flip Clock AL-30

The electromechanical flip load up is a to some degree overlooked relic of movement and timekeeping history, yet while flip loads up have for the most part vanished from prepare stations and airplane terminals, the innovation does to some degree live on in the home flip clock. This one from Twemco — a master of flip loads up since the ’50s — keeps the beguiling timekeeping system alive and sets it with a caution work and a retro plastic case.

See the video on how Twemco Flip Clock Works.

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3. IHome – Bluetooth FM Dual-Alarm Clock Radio

A basic wake up timer with nothing additional past a radio might be fine for a few, yet there’s numerous justifiably searching for some additional nowadays. IHome’s iBT29BC clock radio is one element pressed alternative singled out by The Wire cutter, which was awed with its great sound quality from both the radio and Bluetooth gushing. You’ll additionally get both an aux in and USB port for charging gadgets and, obviously, the hardest to miss highlight: some attractive shading changing drove lights, which can be redone to your enjoying and furthermore used to wake you up.

View promo video

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4. Braun Classic Travel

Braun Classic TravelFor a wake-up timer that is immortal, simple, and versatile there’s not a viable alternative for Braun’s Great Travel Wake up timer. The present emphasis of the clock may not exactly measure up to the German-fabricated unique, however, it has a similar exemplary outline with a simple to set (and turn off) alert and simple to-peruse clock confront. Simply remember that it is basically a movement clock, and is battery-controlled as it were.


This reflex control travel wake up timer has a movement (wave) enacted rest work which is an impression of Braun’s centre rationality of configuration mirrors usefulness. Each part of this clock has a reason, starting from the flip cover that highlights the world time zone guide to the light.

See how Braun works.

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5. Marathon LED

Marathon LED<With 2 fast-charging USB ports placed strategically at the front of the clock for easy access, you can easily charge your phone + your partner’s phone in the same time. The illuminated digits are bright and easy to read during the night, so you always know what the time is if you accidentally wake up but in the same time you won’t be bothered by the light. If you, by any chance, find the digits too bright when you are trying to fall asleep, there is a switch to lower the intensity of the digit light, making it work for everyone. If it is still too bright, there is a button to turn the display off altogether, without affecting the charging at all.

The alarm on/off buttons and the snooze button is conveniently located on its top side so they are easily reachable in the dark. Since Marathon is so small and lightweight, it makes it really easy to transport. Considering that this alarm clock comes with both AC and battery support, it makes it really a no-brainer for people who often travel and want to bring in their favourite alarm clock together with them.

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6. MoMa Ruotare

MoMa Ruotare

Designed by Mayuko Kuwata and inspired by the shape and colours of children’s toy blocks, these wooden clocks will bring you a small sense of nostalgia of your child times when everything was a toy and bit more colourful. Rutoare is produced using a strong piece of beech wood and painted in a brilliant essential shading (you can pick between of yellow, red or blue). 

Check the price of MoMa Ruotare on Amazon

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