The Best Alarm Clocks for Your Kids in 2018

This post was last updated on October 20th, 2018.

If we are talking about children, most of us remember those mornings which we didn’t like. We didn’t like them because it was early and our children’s comfort was disrupted. However, we like to mention that time because we spent it mainly with family. Mornings are the most time-consuming part of the day. Our mornings looked as follows: we woke up, looked at a beautiful kids alarm clock made at the time when we were kids, and we went to the kitchen, where our parents were waiting for us already. In our family, my parents prepared food for us. Father made a brunch, which we took to the school or to the nursery and mother prepared breakfast. While they were preparing the food, we were talking too. They asked us if we had a good sleep if we dreamed of something. Sometimes we went through the quick exam or clock learning. We were not good at it, that’s why parents bought a cool alarm clock for kids.

Just our kid’s alarm clock inspired us to write a review about kids alarm clocks. Before buying an alarm clock, you have an opportunity to read it’s review. You can find there different comments from other customers and rating, so then you decide if you want to buy it or not.

Let’s talk – The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock

If I want an alarm clock to educate kids, I need to look for the one, which can talk. The next important function of it is to have hands moving because it simulates the position of clock’s hands, so it helps kids to learn hours and minutes. Talking together with educational and technical design should be cute, funny and playful. At those alarm clocks for kids, we need to remark they should have additional functions as quiz and also analogue and digital design displayed on the LCD screen, which is a standard useful at educational aims. For the kid and his parents, the alarm clock’s nightlight is an important feature. At alarm clocks reviewing we found a product which contains all those features. It disposes with a digital screen, and we recommend it for kids at the age 5-6 years. So it is mainly the alarm clock of pre-school age. You can find it HERE.

Best pick for toddler – My Tot Clock My Toddler

Kids and parents who are used to read fairytales before sleep and the quality, design and educative feature of the alarm clock matters to them, they might save the energy with it. Schoolable kids need another type of alarm clock. They are still kids, so they like games, colours and pictures. It is good when the alarm clocks are variable to the age. We mean, that alarm clock should adapt to a toddler (yes, they need to get used to a regime and alarm clock too). The alarm clock which can adapt to the kid’s age should have a different colour design, while it should be able to play stories, music. Musical variations should be configurable. Those alarm clocks should have saving energy function too and multilevel nightlight function. You can find them HERE.        

“Sweet Jelly” – Mirari OK Alarm & Night Light

For preschool kids, the most important are the clocks, which make them fall asleep or they are easily manageable for kids and their parents too. This alarm clock should have funny animations, timer clock and simple programming. The ideal alarm clock has modern age features as USB cable which is modifiable for each type of mobile phone. The ideal type of this alarm clock is HERE.

Betus Robot

For schoolable kids, the best option is the alarm clock with silent mode, without any unpleasant sound effects. So the kid is not disturbed during the night time or during falling asleep. This type of clocks has a manual time setting and awakening time which is easier to set up than a digital alarm clock. Younger schoolable kids are playful, the design of alarm clock is adjusted to it, so it fulfils a decorative function especially for boy’s rooms. In the case of technical parameters, the alarm clock contains a power supply of two AAA batteries, and this type of alarm clock has a guarantee of return within one year without any additional payments.

Trolls for girls – DreamWorks Trolls Alarm Clock

For girls, we found an equivalent which disposes of a song “Get Back Up Again”. It has a backlit screen with night timer switch and it has musical and sound effects for playful princesses. In the case of technical parameters, it disposes of batteries power supply. This type of alarm clock is one of the easiest and stable in design without any variations. In our opinion, it is an appropriate gift for girls at the age of 8 years.

Zazu Kids Pam – The Penguin Sleep Trainer

In general, kids love animals that’s why it is suitable to choose the first alarm clock with this type of design. There you can find an alarm clock designed as a penguin which helps to adequate falling asleep and wakening up of the kid. It is a wireless alarm clock with Bluetooth speaker and sleep trainer in one. This type of alarm clock you can charge. It contains simple settings so kids can handle with it. You can get it HERE.

Big Red Rooster – Sleep Training Alarm Clock

In the offers, we focused on alarm clocks suitable for toddlers and small kids who are learning to adapt to their regime, colours, while, we wanted them to dispose of easy handling. It is supposed to be easy for the kid and also for his parents. The alarm clock has a red colour saying it is the right time to sleep, the green colour saying it is the time to wake up, it has a weekly memory of wakening up or weekend time when it is not necessary to wake up a kid early in the morning. We couldn’t find exactly this type of alarm clock, but we found a similar one just that kids can’t change settings and they can’´t turn it off for example unwillingly. The alarm clock disposes of a network adapter, but you can use batteries AA (3pcs.) also.

LittleHippo Mella – Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer

The last type of alarm clock is suitable mainly for older schoolable kids up to pubescent. It has a beautiful round design suitable for each kid’s room. This alarm clock disposes of colourful backlit for example half an hour before the awakening it is yellow, so it subconsciously warns the kid. Its construction is safe, and it counts down the time activities.

Which one to get?

Let's talk - The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock
My Tot Clock My Toddler
Mirari OK Alarm & Night Light
Betus Robot
Trolls for girls - DreamWorks Trolls Alarm Clock
Zazu Kids Pam - The Penguin Sleep Trainer
Big Red Rooster - Sleep Training Alarm Clock
LittleHippo Mella - Ready to Rise Children's Sleep Trainer

The alarm clocks help parents to create kid’s daily routine that’s why it is important to choose carefully the good one. As we mentioned above, our childhood relied on the alarm clock well designed at that time.

Our funny kid’s alarm clock was a companion during whole childhood until the time when we got our first digital alarm clock. It was a beginning of our school time, and we looked for summer moments because we got the alarm clock with different functions and achievements later. Our alarm clock had a cooling function, and it was the one type of all kid’s alarm clocks.

Those moments are the most memorable of all of them. Morning routine at an early age relied on kid’s alarm clock will be changed to a habit, which children will bring to maturity, while they will be more productive, self-confident and oriented on tasks. Creation of morning routine relied on kid’s alarm clock transform kids into self-confident young people.

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