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This post was last updated on September 7th, 2018.

Some people simply cannot wake up in the morning and what they need is either some massive shock to get them out of their bed or at least some creative way to wake up. However, if you find yourself waking up rather easily you don’t need a shock therapy to get out of bed. What you are looking for is a gentle alarm clock that can easily transfer you from sleeping phase into your awake phase of the day and make you feel refreshed when you wake up.

In this article, we researched and compiled a list of such gentle alarm clock devices with all their detailed descriptions, so you can read and decide on your own which one is the best for your needs.

So which gentle alarm clock(s) are the best if you are looking for a nice and smooth experience of waking up? 

1. Beddi

Beddi is an app-enabled gentle alarm clock for your smartphone that does so much more than just wake you up for starters. Beddi comes with multiple smart that allows you to controls many devices around your home like the lighting in your bedroom. Beddi also includes two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at night – one USB port for rapid charging and another USB port for mobile phone charging. Beddi has a total of feature that totally dims the clock face. So, your room is completely dark at night and since loud noises keep people up too, they also included a white noise maker that helps peacefully drown out the loud sounds of your city choose from setting like rainy night or humming fan to help you fall asleep.

But Beddi doesn’t just help you go to sleep at night. Sunrise simulator feature gradually brightens your room in the morning with soft light. Gently stirring you awake five minutes before your alarm goes off and since Beddi is connected to your home. We can talk about your Wemo switch to prepare your coffee 10 minutes before your alarm goes off or set your nest so your place is warm and your coffee is hot ready for you when you wake up and more than that rather than a jarring buzzer alarm sound.

sleeping woman

Beddi comes to a Spotify integration so you can make your alarm sound your favourite morning playlist. Beddi also gives your local weather so you can dress appropriately for the day. Even Beddi integrates with the maps feature on your phone and knows your morning commute. So, Beddi will periodically update you in the morning as to exactly when you need to leave for work based on your local current traffic conditions. If you are a lover of the sharing economy like we are we have also integrated a one-touch Uber button into Beddi. So, you can call your Uber straight from bed and Beddi will inform you when it arrives.

They have worked hard in the past year including a lot of great features in the valley. While keeping with these unique and modern design elements and they are almost ready to bring it to you. But they need your help to get us expensive tooling perfect our app and components so please support us by backing our projects and sharing with your friends. We look forward to this training with you and you bring berry to everybody.

See how Beddi works here.

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2. Bonjour

Bonjour is one of the best gentle alarm clocks out there. Every day, it wakes you up in the morning using a very smooth and gentle voice or melody. Bonjour is connected to your calendar, so it also knows your daily routine and hobbies, so it helps make the most of each day. Bonjour claims to be

Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant.

This is a pretty strong claim of a device that sits next to your bed the whole day but there certainly is something to it. Consider another amazing Bonjour’s feature, which is advising on your morning commute. As mentioned, since Bonjour is connected your calendar, it knows what you plan to do and where you go. Because Bonjour has some pretty advanced technology under the hood, you can connect it with other IoT (internet of things) devices and it can even control the temperature of your house (if you have such solution in your accommodation, of course).

Bonjour speaks only English and French, which is great considering that most other alarm clocks don’t speak at all :).

Check how Bonjour works on their official promo video

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3. Pavlok (Gentle) Shock Clock

Would you be able to think about a certain method for making sure that you wake up on time other than knowing that an electric zap is coming if you don’t wake up right away? This may not sound like a gentle alarm clock out of the box but think about it for a second – this vibrating alarm clock is pure gold if you want to wake up gently but you currently cant. Pavlok can firstly teach you to wake up by providing small electric zaps and then, once you build up your morning routine, you can easily and gently wake up to its vibrating alarm clock functionality. Ingenious.

Just watch the official video for Pavlok to learn how to set up this (possibly) gentle alarm clock and you’d see that it’s dead simple

The truth of the matter is, our mornings are the most profitable hours of our day. As appeared by numerous studies, self-control is most elevated early in the day – for the duration of the day, we deplete our resolve through “choice exhaustion”.

We waste our morning sleepy, hitting the nap button over and again until the point when we at last need to get up or we’ll get in a bad mood and that being said we are some of the time still late, pushed and tired. It’s the is the worst you can do to your body and mind at the beginning of the day. And it doesn’t need to be that way. The gadget is in excess of an alert. Most wake up devices simply remind you to wake up. The Pavlok Shock wake up timer really prepares you to build a habit.

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Vibration Only‘ is a quiet wake up timer, tenderly vibrating your wrist alert at your picked time. ‘Vibrate at that point destroy’ will delicately vibrate you alert – yet ensure you get up rapidly! In under a moment, the Alarm Clock will start to destroy you. ‘Zap just’ will wake you up with a zap – instantly.

You can alternatively empower ‘multi-destroy‘ – a choice that gives you a chance to trigger a few destroys to accelerate the waking procedure. You can rest the gadget by squeezing the catch, or by hitting nap inside the application. You can kill the alert by holding down the catch on the gadget, or inside the application.

They have incorporated the greater part of the alert highlights initially produced for Pavlok, and none of the alternate highlights that you needn’t bother with. This gives you a chance to centre absolutely around enhancing your rest and morning schedule – two of the most imperative things you can do to advance a solid way of life.

      Break Bad Habits app:

  • Widget! There is a widget available so that you can remotely use the Pavlok from your phone’s home screen
  • Removed some annoying notifications
  • Added Multiple-Zap capability! As soon as they release the new firmware you will be able to do multiple remote zaps or set your Pavlok to zap multiple times on button press

     Alarm app:

  • Redesign: They have changed a new design of the app to be more intuitive.
  • Alarm repeat: we are adding the capability to set an alarm that repeats on days you wish them to repeat

Watch this video to see how you can integrate Pavlok into your daily life

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4. Philips Wake UP Light

We’ve already covered this wonderfully gentle alarm clock and its capabilities in tips for heavy sleepers, so go ahead and read the article in case you missed that one.

Philips Wake-up Light uses a special mix of light and sound to wake you in a similar manner that the sun would do when you wake up naturally, so you feel more refreshed than when using a regular alarm. At the time of wake up, when there’s already a plenty of light in the room, your alarm sound will play – it can be either one of predefined, nature-based sounds, or FM Radio. 

One of the cool features of this alarm is that it won’t only wake you up but it will also help you to fall asleep by applying similar principle with light and sound to what’s happening during wake up.

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5. Sensorwake Trio

In this article, we’ve already covered most human senses like touch, hearing and vision. But … did you know that you can wake up to your nose too? Well, not yet, but if that sounds like some 21-century magic, you are absolutely right and it is a magic.

Guillaume Roll, the creator of this gentle alarm clock, is working on a completely new concept of a wake-up device that is based on getting you out of the bed by smelling the scents.  These scents can be both very appealing to you or be so disruptive that you will have no other chance than to leave the room immediately.

We didn’t have a chance to test device since its development is still ongoing but there’s campaign on the Kickstarter already where they claim that they can ship this alarm clock in November 2018! Once this gentle alarm clock is out in the shops, we will bring a comprehensive review here on

Which one to get?

Here we looked at 5 different gentle alarm clocks and naturally, the question ‘Which one to get?’ comes up.

Here is a comparison table of all covered devices that speaks for itself:

Comparison Table

Alarm nameImageAvailable at
Philips Wake-Up LightAmazon
Sensorwake TrioN/ANot yet! Expected November 2018. You can support Kickstarter campaign herheree

In general, it all comes down to what you like and how do you envision your morning – will a room filled with light and gentle music wake you up, or would you rather prefer your favourite music to play in the morning to make sure that you get up?

If you prefer the former one, then surely Philips Wake Up light is the one for you. It has all the light-related features built in, so you can not only wake up with it but also fall asleep.

On the other hand, if the latter description of the morning sounds more pleasing to you, then you need to check out Bonjour.

If you don’t think that the alarm clocks presented in this article will work for you, that’s not a problem. You might want to check out other articles where we cover various alarm clocks based on other criteria, such as style, wake up potential or unique features.

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