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This post was last updated on November 14th, 2018.

The summer is the most favorite period of the year for all children. Do you know why? I know it. They don´t have to wake up early in the morning. That’s the best advantage of summer holidays.

The problem of the early morning getting up comes once they start to attend school. They must get to the school or nursery on time, so they can´t wake up whenever they want. You, as their parents, might wake them up every single morning, but if you want to raise your children into self-sufficient, reliable and responsible persons, you should think about buying a children alarm clock. If you create for them a morning routine of getting up relied on kid´s alarm clock, it will change into a daily habit, which will become a part of their lives forever. Thanks to this habit, your children will never be late to the school or nursery and in the future, to work. So they will become successful and self-confident.

It is not easy to choose the first and the right alarm clock for your children, but you can find the inspiration in their favorite cartoons or toys. These days, the most favorite and popular toy for all kids is a lego. Your children can play with it endless hours, and it has an educational character too. I can´t imagine a better gift for all lego lovers than a lego alarm clock.

The kid who wakes up on time is a superhero – Batman

I´m pretty sure all children like superheroes because they dispose of supernatural features and they face the big challenge very often. Children wish to become superheroes too.  The biggest challenge they face is to wake up on time. If you buy them a lego superhero clock which will wake them up on time every morning, you might call them “superhero”, and they will be happy for it.

The first alarm clock that we review comes from the Batman franchise. There are three alarms in total. Batman lego alarm clock is a figure of black and yellow color, with a digital LCD screen, which shows the actual time, alarm and snooze function, light up display, movable arms and legs. You can buy it HERE. The second one is a Robin alarm clock, similar to Batman with all its functions. The only difference is the color of the figure, which is mainly yellow, red and green. You can purchase Robin HERE. The third one is a Joker alarm clock. Same as a Batman and Robin, Joker has an LCD screen, alarm and snooze function, light up display, movable arms and legs too. The figure is of purple color with green hair, and you can find it HERE.

Superhero – other

Apart from Batman lego also decided to create another alarm clock from other well-known superheroes and that is a Wonder Woman and Superman. Both figures have a digital LCD screen with actual time, movable arms and legs, alarm and snooze functions and light up display. Wonder Woman alarm clock is a figure of red and blue color, with dark hair. When you push her head down, the clock face lights-up red. This is the right gift for all Wonder Woman´s fans, you can buy it HERE. Boys will love Superman alarm clock of blue and red color. They can play with it like a large-sized lego figure. When you press down the head, the clock face lights-up blue.  Superman is available HERE.

Lego City

How wouldn´t you know lego city and their famous figures in uniforms – fireman and policeman. Fireman alarm clock is a figure wearing a black uniform and a white helmet. It has a digital LCD screen, alarm and snooze functions, movable arms, legs, and light-up display. When the alarm sound starts, it gets louder and louder, so if the kid doesn´t wake up at first, it gets louder, and it will wake him up anyway. You can buy it HERE. Policeman alarm clock is a figure wearing a black uniform too. It has a white helmet on the head with a police logo. It disposes of same features as fireman alarm clock. Children are able to read the time from digital LCD screen. They can easily set up the alarm. Its body parts are movable, so the figure can either sit down or stay on its legs. It is the lego alarm, and toy in one and it´s available HERE.

Star Wars

Star Wars franchise consists of four different alarm clocks. The first one is a Storm Trooper alarm clock. If you love Star Wars and Lego you have to get this clock. It is of excellent quality, shiny, with amazing details. Storm Trooper alarm clock is of blue and green color, it has a digital LCD screen, which lights-up green when you push the head. You can bend its arms and legs. The alarm is easy to set up. If you are after Storm Trooper alarm clock, you can find it HERE. The second one is a Darth Vader alarm clock, which is black. Its digital LCD screen comes red when you push its head, and it looks really cool. It is easy to set the time and alarm too. Its arms and legs can be moved like other lego figure´s. It is not only lego alarm clock, but you can also use it as a decoration too. Don´t hesitate. Buy it right HERE! The third clock that we review is a Yoda alarm clock. This cute clock is of brown and green color, with digital LCD screen which comes green, if you push its head. Hands are movable and they can hold things. Yoda will wake your children up every single morning! You can purchase it HERE. The last Star Wars clock is a BB-8 alarm clock. It´s a super cute, fairly detailed alarm clock of white and orange color, with light up head and display, alarm and snooze functions, available HERE.


Lego was inspired by a lego movie at another two alarm clocks. The first one is a well known Bad Cop alarm clock. It wears a black uniform with a black helmet. The digital LCD screen informs you what´s the time, which is easy to set up as well as alarm. It lights up blue when you press down on Bad Cop´s head. Thanks to its movable arms and legs it can sit or stand. You can move its wrists and head too. Bad Cop alarm clock is a huge hit at each birthday party, so if you want to buy a unique gift, you can find it HERE. The second famous movie figure is Emmet, so we are going to review Emmet alarm clock. This handsome guy is of orange and blue color, having a digital LCD screen with actual time, alarm and snooze functions. Its movable arms, legs, head, and wrists allow Emmet to sit down, stand or hold something in hands. Pushing the head illuminates the display in a blue light. Anyone that loves lego will absolutely love this clock, it´s available HERE.


Apart from superheroes, lego city, star wars, and movie figures, we will review another three interesting lego alarm clocks. The first one, Ninjago alarm clock is black and green with digital light-up display, alarm and snooze functions and movable arms and legs. It has a perfect size, it looks just like a character, so it´s the right gift for Ninjago fans, waiting for you HERE. The design of the second Brick alarm clock is unusual. It really looks like a lego brick, in the middle of which is display and it has a movable stud for light and snooze activation. The Brick alarm clock is a great gift for any builder and lego lover and you can purchase it HERE. The Wyldstyle alarm clock is the third clock from this group. This lady is of black, purple and blue color with a display which comes red when you press down the head. It is a very simple alarm, which is easy to set up. There is a snooze feature. You just need to press the figure´s ponytail. Thanks to movable body parts it stands and sits. Besides for being cute and fun, it is well made and easy to use. You can buy it HERE.


If you are looking for the children alarm clock, you can choose from a wide range of alarm clocks. The best gift for all lego addicted fans is definitely lego alarm clock. It is up to you if you prefer superhero, star wars, lego city, movie or other lego alarm clocks. In the end, all of them have the same purpose, and that is, to wake up your children on the time every single morning. Besides that, it is the clock and toy in one, and it will become a unique decoration in every kid´s room.

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