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This post was last updated on September 7th, 2018.

Truth to be told, over time as we research and add more articles to this website, we’ve crunch through hundreds of various alarm clocks (while testing a handful of them in the same time). While there are certain things that you expect from alarm clock, there are alarm clocks out that specifically crafted for certain types of people, depending on how you wake up. Whether you have a hard time getting out of your comfy bed in the morning, or, on the other hand, have a very easy time to wake up, you find what fits your needs.

But what if you are looking for something else? What if you want to have some stylish piece of home equipment in your bedroom that would go well with your bed linens or will simply fit into your sleeping space, and the functions are secondary?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Grab a cup of nice tea or coffee and enjoy our top 5 picks of the stylish alarm clocks that look so neat that you fall in love with (at least!) one of them.

1. Gingko Message Click Clock

This is an alarm clock which can demonstrate the time, date and temperature, in addition to your very own personal message on a normal woodeffect block. You can generate and pile up to 7 different messages at once and select one special message to show constantly or at the click of your fingers. It’s a straightforward, modest but bright plan and makes a neat and remarkable product that any home deserves to have.

See how Gingko works in the video below.

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2. Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

This beautiful round device somewhat resembles Mickey Mouse’s head if his ears were packed.  is an alert, a 2.5W Bluetooth speaker, and a voice right hand. Utilized as a part of a combination with Sony’s Voice Control Extension application, it can do everyday assignments, for example, setting alerts and clocks, making telephone calls, checking the climate, and then some. 

As the title indicates, this is actually not a standalone alarm clock but rather a very stylish Bluetooth speaker that allows for creating an alarm using Smart Bluetooth® Speaker application. Check Sony’s official website and to see how it works.


  • Voice control that backings English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish dialect
  • With no hands calling
  • NFC One-Touch
  • Bluetooth
  • Caution work.

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3. Karlsson Minimal Copper Alarm Clock

Karlsson’s Minimal Copper is a conventional alarm clock that has steel copper binding with a black face which will put in a touch of stylishness to your bedroom.

With its copper frame, gallant hands and stylish colours, you can’t get any trendier. It’ll look astonishing on your bedside table. Additional to that, the noiseless arm movement means your sleep will go continuously right up until it enjoyably wakes you up in time for pancakes and coffee before the day gets started


  • A copper plated fashionable timepiece
  • An ultra-quiet clock with constantly sweeping second hand
  • Studio planned in Holland
  • Two different colour options
  • Minimal à la mode style

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4. Newgate London Alarm Clock

This exceptionally designed clock incorporates the retro style of a conventional, round alarm clock while adding together a twist of novelty. The deep dark chocolate finish of this barrel-shaped clock gives it a complicated tone while it’s unsophisticated face and metal hands draw motivation from the modest viewpoint. With its accepted beauty, this communicative clock is the ideal partner for any bedroom or office. Battery operated; this highly useful clock allows your imaginative juices to flow as you decide the perfect place for your new clock, with no dealing with the worry of unattractive cords.

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5. London Company Retro Alarm Clock

This unisex retro alarm clock with the make London Clock group is prepared from plastic and is showcased in blue. It measures 11cm (height) x 10.5cm (width) x 4.5cm (depth). Every one of the clocks comes whole in London Clock Company covering. The London Clock Company Retro features shining hands and numbers for the dark, snooze button and an alarm function. This clock has a retro design that will be sure to amaze anyone with a love for something exceptional. Ended up with soundless hands for an ideal overall design.

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Which one to get?


Gingko Message Click Clock
Bluetooth Speaker BSP60
Karlsson Minimal Copper Alarm Clock
Newgate London Alarm Clock
London Company Retro Alarm Clock


Alarm clocks are beautiful helpful timepieces and have become tremendously popular among the common masses. In this modern and fast era, it is not easy to find time to do certain things due to extreme heavy work pressure and constant tensions on various matters human beings face on daily basis. This from time to time leads to short-term memory loss and people tend to fail to remember many things about their daily activities or work-related matters. Sometimes, due to tremendous fatigue, a person may fall deep asleep and fail to wake up during a specific time to undergo some sort of unfinished work. Alarm clocks help in these cases. They are a sort of signalling machine which may help the person to get awake from the deep sleep to continue with the unfinished works.

If you set up a particular time when the clock with the ring the alarm bell, then a person can easily get on with the sleeping activity for a specific period of time because he/she will not have to worry about when to get up. This will be done by the clock which will ring up the alarm bell and will make the sleeping person aware that it is time to wake up.

When purchasing alarm clocks be sure that the alarm is of such quality that it can be heard in a suitable way. In addition, it should not be too loud to make the other persons staying near you to feel uncomfortable. Buy alarms with other astonishing features that will be of help to you just as any of the ones mentioned above.


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