Tips On How To Fall Asleep Quickly

This post was last updated on August 6th, 2018.

It is not always easy to fall asleep. The thing is, the next day won’t wait and you simply need to do something to have the much-needed rest. Sleep does not come as easy as closing your eyes and letting go and you may search for ways to make yourself tired. Sometimes, it requires a conscious effort to set the mood to make you sleep easily. So how to force yourself to sleep? The following tips will help you fall asleep quicker and get you the sleep your body desires.

Sleep in a cool and dark room

This conditions your body to be at ease and relax in such a way that you fall asleep easily. The body cools off towards the night as it prepares to sleep; a cool environment makes this possible.  A dark room will make you sleepy as opposed to a well-lit room that will keep your eyes wide open while the coolness of the room will reinforce your body’s instinct to fall asleep. A cave-like room will also improve the quality of your sleep by stimulating the production of melatonin- a sleep inducer.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

There are clothes for every occasion, sleep inclusive. Wear comfortable sleepwear such as pyjamas and socks to bed and ditch unnecessary underwear, Ill-fitting or tight clothes which cause a great deal of discomfort and leave you awake or reduce the quality of your sleep through incessant disruptions. To get sleep immediately, make sure your clothing is loose, comfy and of course, clean. Your beddings and sleepwear should be changed frequently. The cleaner they are, the easier it is for you to fall asleep quickly.

Put your phone down

The use of your phone, tablet, laptop, TV and other mobile devices emits a blue light wavelength that suppresses melatonin. This messes with your body’s natural clock and keeps you awake. To get sleep immediately, put your gadgets and devices down. There are options such as night mode, twilight, night shift and blue light filters that dim the brightness of screens but in the end, your best bet is to do away with these gadgets.

Wanna Fall Asleep Quickly? Try the blinking trick

The blinking trick is a sure solution to how to sleep fast when you’re not tired. Blink your eyes rapidly for about 1-2 minutes and you’ll fall asleep quickly. This works because blinking rapidly works the eye muscles. After a while, the muscles are exhausted and you can sleep  easily

Use home remedies

Home remedies can be used as sleep inducers to make falling asleep easy. They can be used alone or alongside other sleep tips and tricks to cure or abate insomnia and can help you sleep fast even when you’re not tired. Examples of home remedies include a glass of warm milk and honey, herbal tea, or banana tea, which can be taken just before bedtime. A hot bath can do the trick too. Essential oils such as Bergamot oil, Chamomile oil, and lavender oil are associated with inducing sleep because of their ability to relax the body and lull it into sleep.

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